Oct 09

Melrose Poetry Bureau


November 12th, 2016 at 6pm outside Spartina



Melrose Poetry Bureau – MC’d by RENT Poet Brian Sonia-Wallace, the poets of Melrose Poetry Bureau will face off to create a spontaneous literary masterpiece with suggestions from the audience, blending poetry and improv into a genre totally its own. What kind of poem do you need? These poets will craft it on the spot and deliver it with unpeered showmanship right into your earholes. Come prepared to laugh and think! Read more at http://www.melrosepoetrybureau.com/.


Melrose Poetry Bureau (MPB) creates interactive poetry experiences on typewriters. We blur the boundaries between poetry, theatre, and improvisation to create connection through ink in a wired-in world. The Bureau is represented by Knudsen Productions and offers:

  • Community Building – workshops and community events that engage participants with writing and poetry through their own creative exploration.
  • Custom Poetry for Events – from weddings to corporate – 2-8 poets will write custom poetry for patrons on-the-spot.
  • LIVE Stage Show – Quickdraw Poetry Cabaret – a high-energy hour of literary entertainment that blends poetry, improvisation, music, burlesque, and typewriter duels.

The Melrose Poetry Bureau has performed at The Broad Theatre, The Bootleg Theatre, Grand Park for LA2050, Los Angeles City Hall, and has been commissioned to create work for The Google Corp., The Cornerstone Theatre, The Los Angeles Public Library, PEN USA and others.

The Bureau has over 20 writing partners, but the core members are Bobby Gordon and Nayeli Knudsen (executive directors), Brian Sonia Wallace (managing director), Linda Ravenswood (founding member) and Ary Katz (core member).  For The Melrose Bellow, Nayeli, Linda, Brian, Ary and Carolina Gamero will be representing the group at Spartina from 6 – 7

Contact melrosepoetrybureau@gmail.com for inquiries and bookings!.