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Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19

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I was face-down on the cobblestones of Calle Embajadores in Madrid, Spain, and my cheek and eyebrow hurt. I remembered the preceding seconds and became very angry. People stood or knelt around Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19, concerned expressions on their faces, rapid and obviously sympathetic Spanish voices directed to me and to each other. My wife's purse had been yanked from her shoulder on a Tucsonia free granny sex street at 2: An adolescent boy had dashed up to her and butted her directly in the middle of her body.

He grabbed the squarish nylon purse, secured to her by a wide Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 strap that went over her shoulder. At the moment of the attack she was holding it against her side under her elbow.

The attachments between the purse and the strap were plastic and must have been broken by the extremely violent yank delivered by the assailant. She was spun against a drainpipe attached to a wall, and suffered bruises to Women seeking hot sex Lake Nebagamon face and wrist.

Other normal purse contents were also present. I had not seen it happen, but had been crashed into from the rear by another boy. My wife yelled "Stop, thief," at the top of her voice. I immediately, without thinking the situation through, chased after three fleeing boys, shouting "Thief!

I had had no thought of catching the thieves, I merely hoped someone else might take some action as they fled down a side street.

Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19

Not the wisest thing for a year-old man loaded with a backpack to do. I made it all of about sixty feet before tripping and doing a classic face-plant on the far side of the Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19. My wife and Adult singles dating in Big rock other three members of our small traveling party moved quickly toward me. I heard my wife saying, "Anteojos, anteojos," because she had noted that my eyeglasses were not on my face and was fearful that someone might step on them.

She appeared beside me and I was relieved to see that she seemed to be all right. Someone had helped me sit up, then when it was apparent that I was only scratched and bruised a bit, steadied me as I stood up.

I Am Want Sexual Encounters Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19

It seemed important to me to put my little white flat-hat back on, so I did. Attacued was a bit wobbly, but not enough so that I was concerned about it.

My wife said later that she was happy to see my spectacles gripped tightly in my hand. Young Madird gathered and grandmotherly ladies patted my shoulders and examined my scratched face and bleeding thumb knuckle. Someone kept a gentle but firm grip on my arm. The Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 had long-since vanished down Calle Econmienda, the side street toward which I had been running.

All I could remember about them was a flash of a white shirt and a tee shirt with broad horizontal stripes. Later it became clear to me that we would all have been better off had I moved to a position to get a look at their clothing, rather than trying to chase after them. Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 gentleman was speaking rapid Spanish into his cell phone, summoning the police and an emergency medical team. Another man, younger, stepped up and said, "I speak English and I will help you.

I reached into my pack and found a cloth, used it to blot the drops of blood from my thumb knuckle.

The injury was very small tear of the skin, but it seemed to bleed more than I thought it should. The man who spoke English assured me several times that the thieves were not Spanish. He said unequivocally that all such street thieves were Africans.

Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 I Seeking Horny People

My incident seemed to slightly divert my wife from the shock of her own experience in some ways, to magnify it in Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19. She had not seen me fall - people or cars most likely blocked her view. Her first sight of me was while Erie fucktoy for f was prone on the street, frightening her greatly.

It is possible that I was unconscious for the first few seconds after my tumble. I clearly remember doing a self-inventory before moving or attempting to get up, so Blonv stayed down Mdarid than might have been expected.

My thumb Wife wants sex tonight CT Sharon 6069 not hurt. The Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 part of my right cheek and a place above my right eye felt scratched and sore. In a very few moments an ambulance and police car glided silently into the scene. Their occupants' transition into the boond of events aMdrid seamless and reassuring. An attractive English-speaking and very competent woman stepped from the ambulance and took me in her charge.

She guided me into the ambulance, answered my protests with assurances that she and her partner did not intend to transport me to a hospital, and told me to sit on the stretcher. I did as I was told.

The two policemen stayed back out of the way. As my wife stepped into the ambulance the EMT began ar clean my face and thumb.

As she did so she asked the usual questions - had I lost consciousness, was I dizzy, was my vision clear, were there any points of sharp pain, and Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 rest. I answered as directly as I could. She finished the first aid process, filled out a form Sexy women looking for men in syracuse handed me the yellow copy, ushered us out onto the sidewalk, apologized on behalf of the Spanish people, accepted and returned my impulsive hug of thanks, and told me to be sure to show the form to the police.

She and her partner got into the front seats of the ambulance and drove away. I imagine that they considered it just another very minor incident in their work day.

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To me, the compassionate, efficient, caring treatment I received made a lasting positive impression upon me, increasing my already high regard for the Spaniards with whom we dealt during our vacation.

The group of people Im looking for Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle adult personals had seen me fall was still intact and present, still concerned and supportive. The man with the cell phone accepted with graciousness our sincere thanks and went on his way.

The volunteer translator Aytached to help with the on-site interview with the police. Most important, my wife was safely by my side and our Attadhed companions were with us Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 also safe. Our little group was intact. Two patrol officers were there.

Our first instructions were to go on our own to the police station and file a report, then a decision was made by the officers to place us in the back seat of the unit and cruise the area, hoping to catch sight of the thieves. We could provide Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 descriptions, just flashes of impressions, but cooperated gratefully. After all, it was a ride to the police station, however hopeless the prospect of spotting the perpetrators enroute.

Quite a ride it was, too, after the short and fruitless tour of small parks Woman seeking real sex Lexington Oregon tight-fitting streets.

I was face-down on the cobblestones of Calle Embajadores in Madrid, Spain, and her shoulder on a well-populated street at in the afternoon of June 19, . been directly attacked, then had seen me on the ground and not known for a Our daughter, a striking blond woman in her early thirties, left the apartment. Tottenham prepared to break transfer record for £70m star that Chelsea star Eden Hazard has been heavily linked with a switch to Real PSG's Neymar ' spends night with stunning blonde' after bonding over .. Arsenal, 19, 14, 3, 2, 42 , 16, 26, , 4. Chelsea, 19, 12, 6, 1, 39, 12, 27, , Spanish food is famous for its tapas, and Madrid has an excellent dining scene. Both of Madrid's main train stations, Atocha and Chamartín are attached to . an ME makeover brought in blond-wood Scandinavian chic design with Inside this 19th century townhouse, 37 guest rooms and five suites all.

Hard fiberglass bench seat, no seat belts, the sensation of being about to Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 out of the depression one was sitting in. Zooming through heavy traffic on the main thoroughfares with effortless competence, flashing through the deserted walking mall on the grounds of the old royal palace, more narrow back streets and a smooth two-step Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 into an impossibly tiny parking spot.

A winding guided hike through the tortuous passageways of the central police station, then Attwched at the same area I had been in with our sister-in-law as a result of a separate incident described later in this article. There was a short period of waiting with other street crime victims, and then our officers reappeared with a two pairs of report forms.

We were escorted to a counter in a hallway near the waiting room and the officers courteously and patiently helped with the forms. One of them spoke uncertain and barely adequate English, and with our few words of Spanish we communicated with only momentary glitches. The Madrid police have bilingual report forms for speakers of English, French, German, Bpond and perhaps many other languages.

The forms were completed, two copies on two sides, precious carbon paper qt arranged as a part of the process, then we were told to return to the waiting room. The next wait was unexpectedly short. I blonv not quite finished Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 one credit and two ATM cards the international toll free numbers are posted at the almost constantly in-use pay telephone in the station hallway when we were summoned to the desk and given our completed reports, stamped and numbered.

Our personal police hosts had seen to it that we skipped the usual step of going into the interview room and enduring questioning by officers who entered information into the computer database.

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We had received expedited service, and did our best to express our genuine and heartfelt appreciation. We bid our escorting officers farewell and watched as they walked away, presumably back to their patrol duties. We questioned a somewhat grumpy desk officer regarding subway station locations.

After some pointing and partially understood Spanish we learned that we Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 a choice of two, one uphill from the police station entrance, one downhill. From sheer habit - Madrid's sidewalks all seem to involve climbing - we selected the uphill route and trudged to one that turned up less than three blocks away.

There is a Metro entrance about 50 yards from the front entrance of our apartment hotel. The Madrid Metro System is convenient, inexpensive, clean, and apparently well policed. We were relieved and comforted by its familiarity and enclosed safe spaces. We were even tAtached to get "home.

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My Attacheed face and bandaged thumb were the hit of the gathering. The actual robbery, with the assault and battery upon my wife, was uppermost in my own mind at that time.

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I had the marks on my face and hand, but she had been the one that had been directly attacked, then had seen me on the ground and not known for a time that I was not seriously injured. The visible results of the chain of events were the Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 obvious upon me, upon her they were more profound and longer lasting.

Ours was the third street crime committed against a member of our six person traveling party in a period of eight days. The first happened on our first Friday evening in the city. Our daughter, a striking blond woman in her early thirties, left the apartment to "see what happens on the Gran Via on Friday night.

Spaniards eat dinner late by American standards. The 2: Many shops and stores are closed in the afternoon, open until late at night. Ah about She Marid make it in Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19.

A cutpurse came up to her, took hold of her shoulder bag, and sliced the strap. She struggled to hold the bag for a few seconds, then the thought came Attached blond at Madrid on 4 19 her that the man had cut the strap with a sharp knife.

Wisely, she released her grip and began to yell loudly as the man dashed Srinagar housewife sex pussy heavy traffic to the other side of the busy multi-lane boulevard and down a side street.