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I love cold weather

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When winter's your favorite season, you're instantly placed in the weirdo category.

With winter quickly approaching it makes one think about the pros and cons of the cold weather it brings. Cold weather may help you lose weight. As we age, our metabolism slows and we tend to gain weight. Well the good news is that there are two. Cold weather brings people together, we yearn for warmth, love, and connection. The holidays deliver big family meals, endless gratitude, and it just seems like.

Heaven forbid that you like the cold and the dark. Winter is the best season of them all for its weather, the atmosphere, the wexther, I love cold weather activities, the food, the clothes, and most importantly, the snow.

Anyone who is truly a lover of winter will understand the following:. And nothing makes you more excited than the first snowfall.

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You hate people who complain about the cold. The thought of traveling south of the Mason Dixie line terrifies you. Please chill.

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And if you do feel chilly you remind yourself that there's a reason they invented parkas. You can't help but smile when it's time to pull out your wool socks.

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All the best holidays happen during winter. You have a wide variety of boots that are both utilitarian and stylish. Anything above 32 degrees feels warm to you.

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Summer temperatures are legitimately terrifying. What do you mean? You love sledding. And skiing.

And snowboarding. And hot chocolate drinking. Literally all of the winter activities. And snow tubing dated functions speak to you on a personal level.

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You know the feeling of being judged when you say you hate summer or love winter, like it's totally unreasonable to like the cold. Chances are you're a cuddler because more snuggles are exactly what colder temps call for.

You really I love cold weather investing in essential winter items like heated blankets and multiple pairs of sheepskin slippers.

You love winter clothes. Many layers. Much warmth. Such cozy.

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I love cold weather All the best food is eaten in winter: Christmas cookies, egg nog, wather coffee drinks, hot chocolate, Thanksgiving leftovers, soups, stews, Christmas dinner, champagne for New Year's. The list can goes on. Don't forget about all the fun accessories you get to wear in the winter, like mittens. And hats.

34 Things All People Who Love Winter Will Agree On

More specifically, just Harry I love cold weather in a beanie. Berlin GER August 11, I love cold weather CHE August 18, Amsterdam NLD August 31, Frankfurt GER September 7, Paris FRA September 21, Fukuoka JPN September 22, Florence ITA September 22, Milan ITA September 29, Osaka JPN October 5, olve Roma ITA October 6, Wanderlust TV.

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5 Reasons I Love Cold Weather And 5 Reasons I Despise It

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It just does. But there is such a I love cold weather as "too hot to cuddle. The best environment for snoozing is you bundled up under a thick comforter with the cool air seeping in, perfectly balancing out the temp in the room.

I love cold weather

Your REM cycles will be on-point, your I love cold weather will be deep, and you will always awaken feeling bright and alert. You CAN wear a light scarf in the summer, but it can quickly become a too-heavy accessory on a triple-digit day.

When winter's your favorite season, you're instantly placed in the weirdo category . Heaven forbid that you like the cold and the dark. Whatever. Winter is the best. I don't love cold weather, but I do HATE hot weather. This is better than the prospect of heatwave British summer we always get these days. Cold weather is where it's at. People love summer, with all the refreshing beverages and the exposed dewy skin, but for people who love the.

Fall and winter is really when scarves get to show off just how adorbs and fab they are. I'm not even a religious person, like not at all, but it just makes sense that evil people are punished to spend eternity I love cold weather in a constant state of perspiration.

By Chrissa Hardy. There's nothing less sexy than boob, back, and butt sweat.