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Mexico sexual gratification anyone

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Thanks to two comprehensive surveys conducted by Durex, the condom company, we have some hard evidence to determine sexual satisfaction levels in countries around the world. The surveys, highlighted and helpfully parsed by Zack Mexco at Voxreveal that people in Mexico and Nigeria report having the Mexico sexual gratification anyone exciting sex on the planet, by a wide margin.

One caveat: Nigeria was the only country in which interviews were done in person rather than electronically, which likely skewed the results considering the sensitive nature of the subject matter. Mexico though?

For a country not stereotypically known as a hotbed of great sex think: France, Spainan incredible 73 percent of people reported having exciting sex lives. One factor is respect.

An incredible 88 percent of Mexicans reported feeling well-respected during sex, which may contribute to their high level of reported sexual satisfaction. Now for the depressing news: Excitement levels aside, the low level of Japanese sexual activity in Mexioc has sparked interest in recent months. Mexico sexual gratification anyone

Speculative reasons behind celibacy syndrome include all the usual suspects: For some perspective: Not quite as good as Mexico and Nigeria, but nowhere near Japan. The A.

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