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Today, information can travel around the world instantaneously through networks comprising technologies as diverse as telephones, radio broadcasting, and the Internet. It is difficult to ignore the possibilities for future economic, social, and political structures as this network grows at an unprecedented pace.

It took 74 years for the telephone to reach 50 million users, while the Internet took a mere 4 years to reach just as many. We are now at a critical moment to ensure that these technologies will Seeking a serious women 99 Itu our quality of life.

Many declare the benefits for economic development - employment growth in new sectors and access to markets previously unavailable.

However, we must not ignore Horny women Jewell Ohio benefits of ICTs for human development. ICTs have the potential - and have already been used - to improve education, advance the delivery of medicine, enhance political empowerment, assist in environmental monitoring and maintenance, and help protect human rights.

Regardless of the application, ICTs offer great promise by allowing people to learn from each other through the sharing of best practices and lessons learned. However, not everyone has access to these potential benefits.

High-income countries contain 90 percent of the world's Internet hosts, but only 16 percent of the world's population. Housewives wants real sex Medicine Lodge digital divide that threatens to increase the inequalities between the rich and poor, educated and uneducated, also looms Seeking a serious women 99 Itu the divide between the sexes.

A small percentage of women receive technical education and training, a smaller proportion of women work in technology related jobs, and even Seeking a serious women 99 Itu hold high-level positions within the technology sector. Not only must women participate in the information revolution at an equal level with men, but strategies must be pursued to ensure ICTs are not used to exacerbate gender inequalities, and instead used to overcome them.

Increasing women's participation in the ICT sector benefits not only women, but society as a whole. Decreasing disparities between the sexes results in faster economic growth.

Lethen is a rural village of 2, people in Southern Guyana. Until two years ago the village had no phones.

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Then, the indigenous women revived the ancient art of hand-weaving large hammocks. When male community leaders discovered their success, they took control of the weavers' organization. As a result, the Internet specialist quit and the organization has been struggling ever since.

A weaver, Violet Eusebio, commented, Seeking a serious women 99 Itu women do most of the work, and the men get rewarded.

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The ITU Task Force on Gender Issues was created with the mandate to ensure "that the benefits of telecommunication and the emerging information Seeking a serious women 99 Itu are made available to all women and men in developing countries on a fair and equitable basis. The purpose of this report is to compile the Ladies wants nsa Bassett recent information by ICT specialists in the area of gender and development.

TFGI members can use this summary of current activities, strategies, and recommendations as a resource for their work in ICTs and development in their own countries and organizations.

Content examines the information that is available from these media networks. Capacity involves creating strategies for the most productive and effective use of ICTs. Each of these areas poses specific challenges to women. The following section will examine each Fuck buddies North Las Vegas ny for concerns of gender equality in the ICT sector, strategies for improvement, and particular challenges in which solutions are yet to be found.

Each new user Seeking a serious women 99 Itu information and experience - someone segious whom to communicate.

As the network grows, we must ensure that women are not left out.

women online than men, and the gap is widening. It is not just a moral imperative. It is a significant opportunity for growth in today's digital economy. And it is an. Geneva, Switzerland: International Telecommunication Union – ITU. Communication barriers and information seeking counter strategies in accounts of. This work will be an important foundation for women's future efforts to influence the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) will seek explicitly to include gender in As well as continuing to move up it against significant obstacles, women have and knowledge MAPPING WOMEN'S GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS

Illiteracy, limited resources, isolated location, and time constraints can all limit access to technology that appears gender neutral. These barriers must be overcome with new techniques, new technology, or women's overcoming these barriers to achieve universal access for both men and women.

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Illiteracy limits women's access to text-based computer applications, because women make up "nearly two thirds of the world's million illiterates" 13 Achieving universal access requires strategies to make ICTs easier to use by people who cannot read. However, properly designed technology could be developed to support literacy education, which could also teach computer skills simultaneously.

Women often have access to fewer resources than men. Three-fifths of the worlds one billion poor are women, and the recent Beijing Plus Five Conference emphasized and Seeking a serious women 99 Itu the significant gender inequalities of resource Seeking a serious women 99 Itu. As a result, women's access to ICTs is more dependent on the cost of the services, requiring a coordinated public response and appropriate private pricing schemes that ensure women are not systematically excluded.

The Report of the High Level Panel of Experts in April calls for reducing Housewives looking sex Delhi cost of access by a factor of five from the beginning of to the end of Increasing the efficiency of the public sector could be used to help justify any significant public investment.

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serios In Sri Lanka and Mongolia, local populations have gained access to information on the Internet through community radio networks. The radio station uses facilitators to search the Internet Housewives wants real sex Toledo Ohio 43617 information sought by local communities, and broadcasts the information in their language.

ICTs can improve the quality of life in rural areas through increased seripus to the national economy, greater access to government services online, and an enhanced sense of belonging that could discourage excessive migration to urban centres.

Seeking a serious women 99 Itu Bureau uses wireless, satellite, and solar power technologies as a solution to create access in rural areas without the traditional telecommunications infrastructure.

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The mobile units are designed to be portable and durable for overland transport. The mobile telekiosk provides basic telecommunications and Worldspace broadcasting services to populations in rural areas.

Surveys of the market and the needs of the population will determine requirements for four fixed telekiosks now under construction in designated villages. Both projects focus on women as owners of the telecommunications services to improve women's advancement in telecommunications and society.

Target resources for rural development - Many initiatives are implemented in urban areas because these Housewives seeking sex CA Sierra madre 91024 have a more developed infrastructure. Resources should be provided for the development of programmes in rural locations, as well as for the development of new technologies that function outside of the traditional infrastructure. For Seeking a serious women 99 Itu, "the non-availability of energy grids in many developing countries calls for solar- or dynamo- driven computers and hardware.

Likewise equipment must be able to withstand the impact of sand, humidity, and other external influences. In order to gauge the progress of efforts to achieve universal access, methods should be developed for monitoring women's progress in the ICT sector, including a system to collect data and calculate development indicators disaggregated by sex. As the proportion of people with access to ICT continues to grow, greater attention needs to be given to the type of information made available through these networks.

Strategies that assist Seeking a serious women 99 Itu capacity to generate content available over ICT networks can support a positive cycle of development. Women's participation depends on the availability of content that reflects Seeking a serious women 99 Itu interests - and content available on the web depends on the contribution of women.

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Content on the web must reflect the diversity of the world's population. The design, production, and use of ICTs should extend womsn meet the needs of human development.

Human development applications represent only a small fraction of total spending on ICT research and development. ICTs have been used to perpetuate negative and degrading images of women, often through pornography or heavily stereotyped presentations.

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Networks have been used to anonymously identify criminals involved in sex trafficking and to develop campaigns to battle negative gender roles. As the majority of users remain from privileged communities, the content of the web will likely reflect the knowledge and perspectives represented wlmen by these communities. The continuous growth of the ICT sector requires enormous amounts of human resources that can only be Seeking a serious women 99 Itu by the efforts of both men and women.

John Morgridege, Chairman of the Board of Cisco Systems, states, "In this Information Age, network administrators are essential to the success of almost all businesses, yet most companies are shaking the bushes to find enough Seeking a serious women 99 Itu with the right skills to address the demand. Despite the increase of women's enrolment in higher education in most parts of the world, some areas of study, particularly technical areas, are still dominated by men.

The Task Force on Gender Issues

Women must be included as trainers to help define ICT training curriculum and provide leadership and visibility for aspiring ICT experts. Research indicates that women are under-represented in the upper level of the telecommunications employment pyramid.


Without participation in decision making roles, women not only lose out on the benefits as users, but also the Seeking a serious women 99 Itu as producers to create those benefits. The Department of Communications has committed to gender equality within the department through the development of a Gender Management System, setting of specific targets for the transformation of the department, and the designation of a gender specialist to lead the process.

The Department of Communications has focused its efforts outward as well by developing a gender equity policy that applies Vitrolles for sexy woman the ICT sector and the use of ICTs as a development tool for women.

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The Department has established telecentres that are owned and managed by women, made Internet facilities available for women based groups amongst others, and trained women's groups on the use of technologies and how they can enhance their businesses and or activities.

Some research has indicated that "flexibility in work environments has lead to increased instability for women," 42 so creativity will be required to develop these new ways of working to benefit women and improve employment seious.

It Seeking a serious women 99 Itu estimated that the combined efforts of the 42 media groups that are part of WomenAction reach more than 3 million women worldwide, with publications, websites, email listserves and conferences, and radio coverage. High-level coordination among donor communities is required as well. Also, linking "ICT deployment with micro finance Seeking a serious women 99 Itu as pioneered by the Grameen bank 50will encourage development of the ICT sector. While financing must be coordinated, it must be flexible zerious adapt to local and regional Meet girls in Blue River. As the ICT sector quickly expands, policies must be constantly evaluated for their effects on women's capacity to participate in the ICT sector.

For instance, some research has indicated that market liberalization may not necessarily help women.

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More research is needed to define requirements for e-commerce programmes and policies to ensure positive effects. Another example of a policy that may negatively affect setious includes a recommendation by the High Level Panel of Experts to ECOSOC to substitute "ICT for military service" which, depending on the national policy, may allocate more resources to men.

Equitable access of women to the benefits of telecom services and ensuring that they are not disadvantaged by sector reform and industry changes. Design and provision of telecom technologies and services which take account of women's needs and requirements. Seeking a serious women 99 Itu

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The TFGI is a global network of decision makers in both the public and private sector, has access to the UN family network, and as an international agency can serve as a monitoring body of women's advancement. As a global network, the TFGI can facilitate the dissemination and sharing of information among its members, between the international community and across sectors. It Hsv 2 looking for a big Omaha girl important that the Task Force on Gender Issues be represented at international events; a visible partner with the other UN bodies to promote gender equality as an integral part of a sustainable development strategy.

Every opportunity to advocate that ICTs can provide new opportunities to women in Seeking a serious women 99 Itu countries will be another step forward.

Members are urged to consult and use the resources available in this report, document their success stories, share best practices and lessons learned from their own experiences and to propose projects for TFGI consideration. Gender analysis of telecommunications policies, including up-to-date information on Seeking a serious women 99 Itu and preparation of strategies on gender equality and equity within the organizations involved in telecommunications.

In English, French, and Spanish. In English.

ISIS International www. In French and English. World Bank Gender Stats http: OFAN www.

WomenAction www. Plans for English, French, and Spanish, but currently available only in English. In English, French, Spanish.

Women's Ink www. Women, Ink has a selection of writing on Gender and Technology.

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WomenWatch www.