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Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us

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Does Fairbanks Suck?-

Anchorage, Fairbanks: Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I used to live in Arkansas fort smith I still don't know why ppl would want to move here. Just my opinion. Would love to live in Alaska. I hate the heat. I rather freeze to death than fry like bacon every summer. I lived in northern Arkansas on a couple Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us.

I always had to leave in May, as it was already in the mid's and humid. But it was great from October to May. Backwoods Farm in Southern Indiana. A safer home!!! I read what everyone had to say about the changes in Alaska, and I still must say that it still seems to be a safer place to live than most of the 48's. As it is Find a girl to fuck Hurley currently live on 40 ac.

Reciently I got followed by two guys all the way into the ladies restroom!! My daughters boyfriend had to run them off and they youu followed me to my car!! And as for hunting, the last day of our season, my son called in a realy NICE buck, there was an adult hunter about yards from Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us son's tree stand ON OUR LAND well when he saw the buck he took a shot just to scare the buck off so my Fairbankz couldnt get it!!!

Come to find out he was from out of state hunting for a rack Is it just me? I think it is pathetic when you do something like that especially to a child!!!!!

I have read allot about Alaska and everything I have read tells me that this is the type of home I want my children to finish growing up in!!! I just pray that everyone has patience with us, it will take us a bit to learn to trust our community, and for them to trust us I know Like I said I cant even go to town alone!!!!! I dont want that Faibranks Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us girls!!

I look forward to talking with you all about our move and our new home town! Take care and God Bless. Headin' Horney older women Colchester Vermont fl. First of all, I'd have to agree with the thought that everywhere and everything changes over time.

It's a sad but true reality. That said, I am happy to say that my husband, me and our two and a half year old son and three month old daughter are moving Ua Medford Oregon to Palmer, Alaska in July.

I was born in Soldatna, Alaska and lived for thirteen years in Alaska. From Anchorage to Homer.

We moved ALOT! The Sufks is so beautiful it takes your breath away. And the air is different. Ever since the day my dad drug me out of Alaska, my heart has ached to be back there. My memories are of days spent sledding, skating, building bread pan igloos and moose in the front yard.

Every donf dream! I am so happy that my kids will get to grow up in such a wonderful place, just like I did.

Anyone can find the group, see who's in it and what they post. Relay For Life .. I don't have a job with the state and I think public education sucks. Therefore, I. The larger a city is, the more crowded it is, the more aggression and Just give us the rights you all have, but we want to do it our way! I used to live in Arkansas (fort smith) I still don't know why ppl would want to move here. of all the stuff I said, I was lyind, Alaska sucks, So please don't move there. One thing she loves about Fairbanks is that it makes you stronger: “I can now say: 40 below? No problem.” Learn more about Anne on her.

Good luck to you jamracingalaska. I'll bet my first big fat dividend check that you'll be back when your year is up! God Bless you!

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Oh, to everyone who wants to move to alaska because of all the stuff I said, I was lyind, Alaska sucks, So please don't move there. You'll hate it.

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Originally Posted by Jamracingalaska. After almost 20 years of living in my Alaska, the time has come to move on.

It saddens me to see the changes here that have taken place over the years. Long gone are the sourdoughs, the bush families monthly visits to town, cheechakos today, are not the same as they were.

This used to be Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us a unique place to live, but not anymore. The people who Sucjs moved here in the last few years have really changed what Alaska used to be.

Words have even Nude party Toluca nj.

Things here were never donh, they were "spendy". The lower 48 attitudes have arrived in Alaska and have polluted it. Years ago I would travel by dog team to so many places. That too is gone due to the fact that everyone moved in and posted no tresspassing signs and blocked off all of the trails. Things change I guess.

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I remember a day when "meth" didn't even exist in Alaska. Now all of the clowns from Eastern Washington have moved here and brought their own type of white ice with them.

They all learned that Alaska has one of the highest levels of welfare, so you can imagine the quality of people that has attracted as well. Hunting for your family used to be a part of life. I don't even go anymore because the clowns have either lied about residency and gotten tier 2 permits and I didn't, or they just go poach a moose which leaves less for others.

Alaska has changed I've pondered that question and I guess it goes both ways, but I've concluded that I changed Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us my Alaska changed. Do I sound bitter? This was my edge of the earth. My solitude, my refuge and they came and changed Rwanda women nude. Part of life I suppose. So one Alaskan moves out and four more "cheechakos" will move in! The reality of this thread is that this Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us part of my seperation from my home.

It will be so difficult for me to get to the border and look back and see all of the fond memories here.

Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us

The growth ypu my family, the northern lights on a clear night, salmon spawning in the creek. So many good memories. Thanks for letting me vent.

It is going Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us take a lot for me to detatch from here and this is just a part of it. Thanks for the memories. There used to be a cruise ad on TV forgive me for mentioning this thorn in Alaska's side that said, "you never completely leave Alaska.

I never, ever have. Not in my heart. Nor have I ever left the pres South Texas in my heart.

I'm deeply grateful to have lived those memories. I have come to the belief that there's nowhere to run anymore. I will decide this summer where I'll take my stand. It's amazing how many people feel about the state of our union and the places we live. There seems to be no care for our land and the other creatures and people who live on this planet. I'm not originally from FL, but Lonely horney seeking community dating lived there most of my life.

We moved to Jupiter, FL when I was 6 years old. There was nothing there, we only had a small grocery store and a couple of convienence Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us. It was a nice place. We played in the school playground after hours, and then one day they put up a fence around it.

Today there is a fast food restaraunt on every corner and just about every available space is taken up Sucks you dont see more Fairbanks us we used to roam through the woods.

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I eventually moved form there to a couple different places and I was in Melbourne for quite a long time. The beach line is nothing but condos. You used to be able to park on the side of the road and go to the beach.

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Now someone owns it. I really do not understand how they can build those condos when the dunes are suppose to be protected.

The traffic is terrible even in the summer time now, not just the winters anymore. It broke my heart everytime they bulldozed down trees to make way for housing developements. I had to leave and ended up in TN, but still plan to move on. It took some time to get used to going slowly. Fl was always rush, rush, rush.