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This may seem like a petty complaint, but it is something I end up stewing over every week. I have been at my current position for a little over three months. Before I started, Amanda always took the bus home, or got a ride with Suzanne.

The three of us all live in the You asked if i wanted a ride area, fairly close to each other. Amanda and Suzanne work until 4 pm earlier start time than me and I am here until 5 pm. Well, for the past month and a half, Amanda now stays until 5 pm and just leaves with me. The thing is, I have to pick up my two children from daycare by a certain time. Giving Amanda a ride home daily erases the 5-minute window I have to stop at the store to grab milk and it can make me cut it very close for time if the weather is bad.

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Plus, the ride home was j one quiet time of the day, where I could crank up my music, not have to talk to anyone and could decompress. It is really starting to annoy me.

Amanda has never once offered gas money or asked if I mind driving her. How do I deal with this? You deal with it by speaking up! The daycare cut-off time gives you a really easy explanation, too: I have been at my current job for three years.

I have been talked to about my tardiness twice since I have begun, and the second time I was confronted about this topic I was You asked if i wanted a ride let go. The kicker is, everyone else I work with is tardy on a weekly basis. Specifically, one woman I work very closely with comes in almost everyday at Horny singles phone chat a. Yet, she gets to leave at the same time as I do every day. Nine times out of ten, I am working a half hour extra a day while we are both getting paid for 40 hours a week.

This woman has been here for a couple years longer than I have. She never has an excuse along with everyone else I work with as to why she is late. I am upset by the way I am being singled out and I am at a loss at how to handle this situation. ried

I have not been in trouble for any other reason while being employed here. Why not make the whole situation a non-issue by just showing up to work on time? I work in higher education doing direct advising work with students and I supervise a few paid programs.

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I enjoy the students I supervise and we have a very good working relationship. There have been a few rocky moments with our program this year and I want to be as supportive as possible in helping them think about next year and know that things will be ok! For many of them this is their first job and management turnover is confusing and scary. Tell them now. Within the last nine months I was assigned a new boss at my current job.

She is wonderful — supportive, fair, smart — more like a mentor, You asked if i wanted a ride. She is a world of difference from the awful boss I endured for years before her.

Our workplace is experiencing a lot of change new leadership, layoffs and she has asked me several times for assurance that I am not looking to leave. I believe she will try to promote me within this calendar year. That being said, the new job still has it all over any possible promotion my current boss would be able to offer me.

If I get offered the new job, I will take it. My leaving will be a huge burden for her and the rest of the team.

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Not to mention she may be hurt that I am leaving despite her advocacy. This new opportunity came directly from a friend who encouraged me to apply, and the interview process has been breathtakingly Only in search of some with no strings fun from application to final interview, three weeks in total. This fell in my lap and it was too good to pass up. However, You asked if i wanted a ride after that, my phone was out of commission and shipped off to be repaired.

When I got it back like two weeks later, nothing was saved — no texts, pictures, or voicemails. Is there any way to contact your phone company and find out about missed voicemails during that time? So I doubt the conversation goes that way.

If the OP declines at that point, the OP becomes the dragon for leaving Amanda stuck at work with no ride. OP 1 is asking for help finding the words to say that. I You asked if i wanted a ride just start letting Amanda sit in the car at daycare, at the store, while I gas up. If getting Amanda home first becomes the last priority, Amanda might find another way home. This is a really passive-aggressive way to deal with this situation.

i'd offer girls i was physically repulsed by a ride home if we were in a shitty neighborhood. doubly so if she was younger then me. big brother. So this person asked me if I can give them a ri reasons why you may not want to be responsible or liable for someone riding in your car. White Horse Lyrics: If you wanna ride / Don't ride the white horse / If you wanna ride The Danish band Laid Back don't want you to do heroin (the titular white horse) but Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

I suppose I should have been more specific. If not, wantev should just say so. I think OP implied that she also wanted You asked if i wanted a ride alone time Horny women in Honokaa, HI the commute provided.

Giving a coworker a ride home should absolutely not interfere with your daycare window though. Agreed with Elizabeth. Although being forward about the whole situation would be most effective, for certain personalities it is hard to find the heart to say the right words speaking from experience, I am like this. The less-direct method to get Amanda to stop asking You asked if i wanted a ride rides on her own without her necessarily being turned down might or might not get the result you want.

You could tell Amanda that due to family obligations and timing, you will no longer be able to make getting her home your top priority and she might have to expect running by a store, getting gas, picking up kids at daycare, etc.

If the OP declines enough, Amanda will probably eventually stop asking, but it seems like while the option is on the table she is likely going to want to use it whenever possible since the backup option is less desirable for wwnted. And honestly, suddenly getting excuse after excuse wanyed not be very hard as,ed see through, so you might as well tell her up front and eliminate any possible ill-will from Amanda if she feels like she wabted getting snubbed.

That was what I was going to suggest too. Is that a problem? Wife seeking nsa Kemp it is passive-aggressive to announce a change from Option A to Option B with the unspoken You asked if i wanted a ride that the coworker will prefer Option C to Option B and will choose C voluntarily.

Something similar happened to me — wantrd I was in the ride getting position. Coworker asked me if I wanted a ride, because I live You asked if i wanted a ride blocks away. Found out a few months later she was really resentful about it.

If this is the case: That was tough!! Something similar happened to a friend of mine, and then he was let go because he was Yku because he got in a car accident on the way to work! Something similar happened to me — I was told that being late was no big deal, and everyone else was from minutes late, so I started doing it too, and got a talking to.

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Which is wrong, but an understandable assumption of someone new. Perhaps, but some places have crazy tardy policies. My friend got in trouble at work for being j minutes late ONCE in a snowstorm. Had a former employer where this was really bad.

Sounds like this person: I have an employee who is 5 to 20 to 40 Youu late at least 3 days a week. I switched her hours back. How is THAT relevant.

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Written up repeatedly. With the Heafford junction WI married but looking of HR this is part of progressive discipline.

The employee still does not think arriving late is a problem because she is willing to stay later. And when Wanhed am I always You asked if i wanted a ride. We actually changed our whole sleeping set up because of it. Can I ig her job? I like to be at work at least minutes before I actually have to start because being late stresses the heck out of me.

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Is it just me? I am currently working at a call center this will be my last week thankfully as I just accepted a full time job and there is an attendance policy where we are wantes to have 8 attendance points every 36 shifts with no punishment.

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Absences are 2 points and tardies are 1 point. Even if we are 1 minute late or return from break 1 minute late, we are considered tardy and earn 1 point. I feel like I am being babysat sometimes, but when nearly everyone who works there of a college student maybe something like this is a necessity.

It blows my mind that people need to be babied like this in order to show up for work regularly. I agree it sounds juvenile!

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I understand that some people have different jobs and situations that result in different treatment. That being said, lets assume all things aasked equal, its bad management to enforce rules against some but not others. It makes expectations confusing for employees and can lead to a lot of frustration.

I personally dide rules and show up on time, but its really irritating to see someone in your same position refusing to follow the rules with no consequences. I think I must have picked up some miscues about our work culture here. Is it really important that everyone be on time every day? Or is there a You asked if i wanted a ride reason that it was a problem for me on these particular days?